Integrate Your Phone System with Service Management

Only With Ivanti Can IT Service Teams Now Be Empowered With a Completely Integrated, Voice-enabled Service Management Solution

The service desk is meant to be the first point of contact between the end users and the IT service management. Due to this, your service desk could be spending time answering questions that don’t necessarily require IT attention, such as password resets, approving change request, or checking service-request status. Have you found yourself having to re-enter information that should have been recorded during the first interaction with a client? What if there was a way to automatically capture this information? When the network is down, you’ve probably experienced a bombardment of calls, but not enough time to attend to all of them. What if there was a way to improve first-call resolution rates and handles calls more effectively? 

Ivanti Voice for Service Manager integrates existing phone infrastructure with the IT service desk environment for intelligent call routing, integrated voice response, voice self-service, screen pops, and call management functionality. Only with Ivanti can IT service teams now be empowered with a completely integrated, voice-enabled service management solution to improve customer satisfaction with higher first-call resolution rates, more self-service options, and better call handling.

Voice-enabled Service Management Solution

Voice G.729 Call Compression

Additional Voice and Routing Port

Additional Business User Extensions

Voice Additional Web Statistics

Voice Backup

Completely Integrated

Deliver More Strategic Value

Ivanti Service Manager provides enterprise-capable, end to-end service management capabilities throughout the service delivery lifecycle, from request capture to remediation.

Improve Service Quality

The automation services of Service Manager enable service owners and business managers to adapt, design, and take control of workflows without any coding, improving quality and consistency of services.

Provide Engaging Self Service

Transform the service experience for your users with the AI-powered Hub. Your users and employees gain the innovative tool they need to help themselves quickly and easily. Your users can simply have a conversation with the Hub to obtain answers, submit requests, or ask for help.

Boost Caller Satisfaction

Voice automation empowers your IT service team to improve customer satisfaction by increasing first-call resolution rates and handling calls more effectively.

Gain Real-Time Insight

Monitor service delivery, quality, and commitments with role-based dashboards that provide the real-time information, flexibility, and tools needed to configure reports easily through a drag-and-drop interface.

Located on the Cloud or On-Premise

Built on a multi-tenant technology platform designed for the cloud, Service Manager offers you full flexibility to deploy in the cloud, on-premise, or a hybrid combination.

Stay Connected

Your employees aren’t always at their desks, yet they still need access to your services. With Ivanti’s ITSM Mobile App, users can employ their mobile devices to stay connected no matter where they are.

Deliver Business Services Beyond IT

A modern service delivery experience doesn’t have to be limited to IT. All business departments must become more efficient and proactive by transforming manual processes driven currently by ad hoc emails, dated spreadsheets, or paper documents.

Ivanti Voice Automation

Managing IT services today has rarely been more challenging, and your users expect a lot from you. With Ivanti® Service Manager, you gain a proven, robust IT service management solution. Take control of your help desks and support teams to transform them into strategic business enablers.

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