Windows 10 Migration

Migrate thousands of machines quickly. 

Save time and money on all future migrations. It's no longer three to
five years between major OS migrations. Microsoft's faster release cadence pressures IT to run multiple Windows versions in parallel and be in a continuous state of migration.

Employ proven desktop migration solutions. Migrating Windows operating systems isn't only about solving a single problem. We can help you make permanent improvements to your Windows management and updating approach. Solutions from Ivanti enable you to automate the entire migration and provisioning process. Remember the school system mentioned earlier? The system's IT department can easily image hundreds of devices a day—more than 2,000 machines a week. Instead of installing and configuring applications, IT ensures there are no business interruptions while users move to an even more efficient OS.

Don't Stress Over OS Migrations.
Discover key capabilities for highly automated, continual Windows OS migrations.

Streamline OS Provisioning

Hardware Independent Imaging

Capture and Centralize 
User Profiles

Migrate Data Between Devices

Apps for Windows 10


Simplify Your Images

Everything is extrapolated from the OS, so there's no need for so many images. The solution lays everything back down automatically.

Time-Saving Templates

The automation services of Service Manager enable service owners and business managers to adapt, design, and take control of workflows without any coding, improving quality and consistency of services.

User Profiles and Personalization

Keep the user experience consistent. Extract and move user profiles, settings, and files between Windows versions fluidly.

Improve Ongoing Provisioning Processes

Use the migration to upgrade your processes—improve your provisioning, patching, and software license compliance processes.

Deliver New Machines With Zero-Touch

Create a system for applying your image and user profiles to devices that come directly from resellers.

Maintain Security Standards

Migrate devices to the latest Windows versions without un-encrypting them. Gain privilege management controls upon update.

Provide Migration Scheduling Options

Users are less resistant to migrations when they can pick when to upgrade. Make it a simple click when they're ready.

Keep Tabs on Migration Progress

Gain a real-time view of migration progress. Inform executives as you move forward according to plan.

New OS, No Distress.

Reduce the time and cost of windows migrations.

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